Absolutely breathless

There are some experiences in this world that leave you absolutely breathless. You have a smile on your face for days afterwards, and the memories stay with you for even longer.

Absolutely breathless

There are some experiences in this world that leave you absolutely breathless. You have a smile on your face for days afterwards, and the memories stay with you for even longer. In your mind, you know that the experience will always be a significant one, no matter what else follows for the rest of your life. That’s the view I have of the most recent rendezvous I had the privilege of sharing with two amazing women.

There are plenty of superlatives to describe Jessica Luscious, and she is worthy of every single one of them. I’ve shared my last two birthdays and my first threesome with her, and each experience has been mind-blowing and fun-filled. She is amazingly sexy (and has the best boobs I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with!) but just as importantly, she has a fantastic personality and sense of humour, and a hell of an infectious laugh!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Hayley Lee last year, and have shared a couple of amazing experiences with her since then. She is genuinely sweet and caring, but also has a genuine love of sex and kink, and a dirty side which in some ways completely betrays her innocent exterior! You can literally see in her eyes how much she enjoys doing what she does, and that enthusiasm and her sincere desire to make you happy makes each experience thoroughly memorable.

I had wanted to get Jessica and Hayley together for a little while now, as I knew from their personalities and genuine love of sex that they would enjoy playing with each other and have a great chemistry. Finally, I found myself in a situation where I could make it happen, so messages were fired off, excited responses were exchanged and arrangements were made for a rendezvous in Sydney!

If I had to describe the night in a sentence, I would simply say any expectations I had for the evening were well and truly surpassed! Jessica and Hayley share a natural hunger for naughty fun, and watching their connection develop over the course of the evening was a huge pleasure as they devoured each other (and me)! I’ve decided to summarise the best parts in dot points below:

• Both girls on their knees giving me a delicious double blowjob within minutes of arriving at the apartment I’d booked. Both girls are amazing at deepthroat!
• Making Jessica squirt in the kitchen while we were collecting glasses of wine and water ;)
• All three of us entangled on the bed caressing and devouring each other’s bodies. Jessica is particularly fond of DATY, and Hayley and I had a lot of fun with her in this area!
• Fucking both girls in cowgirl, and taking Jessica doggystyle while she feasted on Hayley’s pussy.
• One of the best moments of the night: Jessica fucking Hayley with a strap-on, and myself grinding against and teasing Jessica from behind like a kinky fuck-train. The volume of noise we made was unbelievably hot too!
• Fucking both girls in their tight arses on the leather sofa (paid extra for Greek), and watching Hayley lie on the floor and make herself squirt during Jessica’s turn, and Jessica doing the same during Hayley’s!
• Sneaking out onto the balcony for an outdoor fuck session, with more anal sex on both girls, and Hayley sitting and grinding on my face while I fucked Jessica.
• A sexy shower for three involving more groping, kissing and sex (something about shower sex really turns me on!)
• A relaxing period where we just laid on the bed hugging, kissing and chatting about anything that popped into our heads.
• A final round of bedroom sex with a lot of squirting from both girls, and some of the more intense orgasms of the night took place in this round. If you’ve seen Jessica orgasm, you’ll know how hot and special it is!
• The dirty talk throughout the entire evening was amazing as well. As I mentioned, Hayley’s sweet exterior hides a very kinky interior, and she can actually get pretty filthy in her dirty talk. Jessica is equally hot in this area, and I have no doubt both girls’ lustful whisperings and dirty suggestions played a major part in keeping me aroused for such a long period.

I don’t think I need to say it, but Jessica and Hayley gave me one hell of an evening! They’re both amazing fun individually, and living proof that when you bring two incredible girls together, you get something even more incredible! If you ever get the chance to enjoy them individually, or together, or in threesomes with other girls, I urge you to seize it. You will not be disappointed!



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