Another round of pleasure and wetness

Having already seen Jessica on a number of occasions, it was time for another round of pleasure and wetness with the Lovely, Luscious Jessica.

Another round of pleasure and wetness

Having already seen Jessica on a number of occasions, it was time for another round of pleasure and wetness with the Lovely, Luscious Jessica. You see, Jessica has just gotten herself a new in call apartment and with that came a new bed and so I thought that I would help her by making a date with her to Christen her new bed, so to speak. :P

This time I could go straight up to her apartment and for most of you, this may be great but for me it proved to be a bit of a disappointment. I so enjoyed the last time that I saw Jessica and she had followed my request to come and get me stark naked with only a coat on. :D Her new apartment is extremely descreet and very private, perfect really for what it used for.

As usual Jessica was all over me as soon as I walked in the door. I had bought drinks but we were too busy groping and kissing each other. “Aw, I said no glass table to lay you down on” as I lifted up her tight and silky black dress we moved to the kitchen “hmmm but we have a granite bench-top?" I said. Jessica is always up for fun and is alway instantly horny. With a massive smile on her face I assisted her derriere onto the bench-top, she lay back knowing what was to come. Legs up in the air, my mouth meets an incredibly wet, luscious and delicious pussy and of course Jessica immediately starts to groan and arch her back in enjoyment. Just loving her response I stop and look into those cheeky eyes and hear myself say “Thank You” Jessica Giggles and says “ No No I Thank YOU!” lol. I push her legs back even further so that I can really get in there…. Hmmmm what delicious treat?

Ok time to get serious now that I have enjoyed my entree, ok let’s go to the bedroom. A drink ? Nah fuck it, I am too horny for any of that, let’s go get naked. I strip Jessica naked quickly so that I have full access to her gorgeous body. Jessical knows me too well and spreads her legs waiting for me to continue tasting her wet pussy. My finger just glides in there as I hit her G-spot. This girl is so Wet, so wanton, so fucking sexy. She is going off calling me god saying "Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god" lol.
I push my fingers slightly higher and she says “kiss me” so I kindly oblige and kiss her whilst playing with her wet pussy and gorgeous hard nipples. She lets out a deep groan and I feel her wetness flood past my fingers. I was expecting for the Luscious girl to wet the bed in her squirt as soon as I started playing with her, but for the first little while she just got very very wet. This is what I love about Jessica, she never pretends, she is just incredibly sexual and horny, if the squirting doesn’t happen who the fuck cares? We are having an awesome time and Jessica is enjoying multiple orgasms as I pleasure her entire body.

Then I come up with the marvellous idea of blindfolding her gently. Hmmm this was a very good idea indeed. The subtle loss of control just makes her squirt and cum all over me, there’s one wet patch. I say “This is the Luscious Jessica I remember”. I can’t help it I am a sucker for making girls squirt it just makes me go completely wild. Oh and there she goes again, wet patch number two. Jessica then suggests that we play a game, find the dry patch. I love a challenge especially when it comes to playing with Jessica and also especially as we are Christening her new bed. It is like the flood gates have opened and before long, the entire bed is fucking soaked in Jessica's squirting juices.

I am so incredibly horny now that It’s time for some 69 fun. Oh yes my friends you know how I feel about CBJ,but hey Jessica has gotten me so fucking turned on, maybe she can help me over my CBJ phobia hehehe, kind of like punting therapy for old Salty. :) Jessica is so nimble she jumps up to turn around and in no time has her pussy firmly placed on my mouth whilst she gives my cock some love and attention. I must say her therapy is having a rather pleasant effect and I feel with a bit more work, one day I may just be able to overcome my CBJ phobia. :P

As my cock is hard and ready she jumps right on top of me for some amazing cowgirl action. This chick goes completely wild on top I tell you. She makes incredible noises of pleasure as she rides my cock back forth up down and all the way down all at once, I cum, she cums all over my cock and lets out a good old scream. If your walls are paper-thin please don’t invite this girl to your house ha haha, the neighbours will know that she has had a good and very noisy orgasm. Luckily her apartment is so damn private and quiet.

We take a little rest and have a little chat but we are both still horny so I lower myself onto the bed to have another play with her pussy. Oh there she goes again, oh I do love making this girl squirt. Hmm I say “we have to try and find a dry patch". It’s our new game. We find one dry spot only to have another shag and with that completely drench what ever dry spots are left. The bed is fucking soaked. Jessica says “Doggy Please” I say of course yes let’s do Doggy, Jessica kindly asks if she can play with her clit… hehehe, what the fuck am I going to say?...... “No?” lol
Jessica starts playing with her clit as I fuck her from behind, she comes again hard, this time fucking drenching me in the process. Fuck this girl makes me so jealous, I should have been born a woman, so many orgasms, it just doesn't fucking stop!

We failed in our new game “Find the dry spot on the bed” definitely failed. I go down on her one more time for good luck I just have to lay in a fucking soaking wet bed. Time to have a shower Jessica says. We have a shower together and get dressed. I grope her and start kissing her again, her body responds, she pushes right up against me, I know she wants more, “I have another client” she says. “Time to kick you” I dare her for a head kick, hmmm she then jumps and swings her foot though the air as high as my head… sexy and time to go I say.

Jessica, You are just so much fun, so sexy and so genuine… I just hope that you had a heavy duty mattress protector on your new bed?
Thanks again, you rock

Salty Xxx



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