Thrilling, satisfying and exciting

I booked a three hour session with Jessica on a Saturday afternoon. It was the most thrilling, satisfying and exciting afternoon of my life.

Thrilling, satisfying and exciting

I booked a three hour session with Jessica on a Saturday afternoon. It was the most thrilling, satisfying and exciting afternoon of my life. I'd made two simple requests beforehand - those being lacy black lingerie and red lipstick. Jessica opened the door wearing a tight red dress that did very little to hide her lingerie and immediately kissed me; smearing her lipstick over my face.

She led me inside and offered me a glass of water and I'd brought a bottle of champagne with me that we swapped for a colder bottle from her fridge. Like most men have pointed out, Jessica is a terrific conversationalist and we chatted for a few minutes before she led me over to the lounge. There she sat on my lap as we engaged in plenty of DFK which also entailed her passing champagne from her mouth to mine. I slipped my hand under her and could feel her beginning to get wet.

Off came the dress followed by her bra shortly after. She undid my shirt as she began to kiss my chest and neck. My pants were next off with Jessica then suggesting we go for a shower. I lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. She slipped her panties and stockings off as I got out of my last remaining pieces of underwear.

She turned the shower on but we were both too horny to wait for it to heat up. The DFK continued while I slipped two fingers inside her and before I knew it she'd squirted all over my hand and the floor. She truly loves sex and is unbelievably responsive to anything you do. She got us both soaped up and began stroking my cock while I fingered her. She came a couple of more times while in the shower before giving me a "come fuck me" look and suggesting we head to the bedroom.

She slipped a rubber on me (with her mouth of course) and invited me to take her doggy style. She went absolutely wild and was slamming back hard onto my cock. I had to stop at one point to take my necklace off as it kept getting in the way and Jessica took this as a hint to begin giving me head. We swapped to cowgirl and she rode me until she came, squeezing my cock out of her pulsing pussy. Never have I been more turned on in my life.

She suggested we give a female condom a go and that was a different experience. I easily lost track of time here. We continued changing positions until I exploded over her ass. By this time she must've had about 6 orgasms to my one. By now I was regretting going to the gym that morning. I was physically spent and so Jessica was happy to lie next to me and let me catch my breath before giving me a massage and heading to the shower again.

Our second shower was steamier than the first, especially when I began eating her out. We dried off again and decided to take a short break over champagne. Then it was back into the bedroom. She put on a blindfold and I tied her wrists to the bed, giving me control. She had a few toys out so I thought it a perfect opportunity to tease her by running her vibrator over her body but avoiding her pussy while I kissed my way from her lips down to that soaking wet pussy. I ate her out before finger fucking her and putting a vibrator on her clit. Given her tendency to come whenever she wants I decided to see what edging her would do and it drove her absolutely wild - I had to be careful her legs didn't catch me when they were kicking around. A couple more orgasms for her and then I untied her and she repaid the favour by licking and sucking my cock and balls.

Back into the kitchen and I had the idea to put on Springsteen's Candy's Room - probably the perfect song for a session like this. We began more DFK in the kitchen before she stood against the wall and put a leg on the counter top. She squirted again, making the tiles slippery when wet. We moved away from the puddle of squirt and she bent over the counter and I began fucking her again. She then turned around and began sucking me off before I suggested we give 69 a go which she was more than happy to. Jessica then asked if she could squirt on me and I was only too happy to let her do it - multiple times.

Another session of fucking shortly after and I came over her tits and stomach. We both collapsed onto the bed together as Dream Baby Dream played and began talking again. A third shower to rinse everything off once more and it was time to go. We had another quick DFK session at the door before I left.

Jessica is truly magical, she is sweet, funny and makes you feel like the only man in the world she's interested in. Thank you so much Jessica for a wonderful afternoon of pleasure. Until we meet again.


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