Vicariously enjoy reliving the experience

Where do I begin? I want to thank the gentlemen who recommended booking for a longer time.

Vicariously enjoy reliving the experience

My apologies in advance: This is more a blog than a review, but I hope you will vicariously enjoy reliving the experience (I know I do, when reading other reviews). Also, there are a few uses of the f word.

Where do I begin? I want to thank the gentlemen who recommended booking for a longer time. I would buy you a beer right now if I could. If I were selfish, I would never make that recommendation myself, but I cannot in good conscience do that, since I know there is somebody out there who can benefit in the same way I have. I am just paying it forward.

Before I jump into this review, I need to add something to my first one.
We first met face to face last Monday (my first time hiring anyone ever) which now feels like a month ago. I booked her for an hour and half -- to be fair, she is not a clock watcher, it was definitely more than that (evil grin), but I was so confident the next day, that I told two people at work, who were interfering with a massive international project's ability to succeed, to back the fuck off and let us do the work, in nicer, far more diplomatic words, of course :). They looked at me like I was a different person. I am. ?Since it was my first time, I didn't how to manage my subsequent Jessica-less time and while I felt way more confident, there was a big void.? She has a genuine way of making you feel special and paying 100% attention to you, which is somewhat unfair since she does not prepare you for your subsequent crash back to earth. I have had to change the subject of conversations at times and make her tell me about herself, or she would have just listened to me babbling all night -- a bit of a reversal from my dating experience over the years. Back to managing Jessica-less time, unless you have massive amounts of cash hidden in a vault somewhere -- help out a fellow, will you -- you will need to learn how to deal with the void that happens when you part ways. For me, it meant being more in the moment in the second meeting and revelling in the thought that I am spending quality time with one of the hottest women in town.? I almost feel like we should have a Jessica fan club, meet for beers and share war stories. Side note: Many women describe themselves as beautiful. Jessica is really that, inside and out. Actually, that is somewhat inaccurate. Beautiful and a wonderful spirit inside, smoking hot on the outside.

Now to last night's date (Saturday night). I woke up this morning (Sunday) and noticed a single strand of blond hair at the foot of the bed and now I couldn’t wipe the huge grin on my face. I was originally going to meet her casually tonight in a public place for chat and something light to eat, then see how I felt from there. It turned out the guy who had booked her for last night, flaked out. Thank you, whoever you are (yes, you are an idiot, man :)). Around 4:15pm, as we were exchanging e-mails about what would have been tonight's plans, she suddenly let me know somebody cancelled and asked me if I wanted to spend the evening with her, since I had originally asked about that before she left for Melbourne. I accepted for a dinner date this time, thinking we would be meeting around 8pm somewhere. I had almost four hours to come down from the sudden, huge adrenaline rush. 5:36pm: I get a text message letting me know she is done meditating and wants to confirm the type of foods I like; since Mardi Gras is in full force, many places that take reservations were filling up fast. Side note: She took care of the reservation, while getting ready. What a relief! I was a nervous wreck and still wrapping my mind around the idea we were going out tonight! About five minutes later, she said reservations were available for 6:30pm or 8pm, and she had chosen 6:30pm (but changeable). That meant two things: a) Oh shit, I need to get ready, and I am starving — hadn’t eaten most of the day; b) Our evening would end sooner than I thought: There is a big difference between 10:30pm and midnight, because I may just want to go to sleep afterwards (and 10:30 is early to me). After thinking about it, I realised I could maybe extend the evening by an hour later on, which you can't really do when it is already midnight. We made plans to meet at my place and walk to the restaurant from there, which meant she had just over half an hour to get ready. From my past experiences in life, I thought there was no way on earth she would be ready before me. 5:59pm: She sends me a text message asking if I remember what lingerie she wore the last time. I responded with "you wore lingerie?" I was lucky to remember my name afterwards. I continued -- and she is going to kill me for writing this here, I apologise about the TMI -- "Wear whatever you like. I plan on removing all your clothes with my mouth, slowly one piece at a time”. As it turns out, that does not work well with zippers or buttons, apparently. You have been warned -- sexy in theory, but not practical; thank you Hollywood for planting another myth in our heads. Next thing I know it is about 6:15 and as I am about to hop into the shower, she texts “15 min away” (fuck!! she is on time and I still have not showered). Four minutes later I am out of the shower and send her a message asking her to bring a change of clothing, just in case (more devilish laughs in my head) and kind of hoping it delays her a bit. Her response: “oops too late. In a cab. […] but I could wear your clothes?” — I find a woman wearing a man’s button down shirt, and nothing else, pretty hot”, but I digress again.? So she made reservations, showered, got dressed and got into a cab quicker than I did half of that. Now she is in the cab, texting me, asking logistics questions and being playful, and I am not even dressed — I wish I were better at multitasking. I was getting ready as fast as I can, and at 6:30pm on the dot I got the “I am here” message while still upstairs. I just lost my man card.

I walked downstairs and she was standing outside just looking stunning (some people can blend in a crowd — that is me :) — not her). She was trying to look incognito, which is so cute. Beautiful, front zipper black dress (small heals only because we were planning on walking — thank goodness because high heals would have only made her look hotter). As we were walking to the restaurant, I felt like a celebrity. Gaggles of young women there for Mardi Gras just looking at us (in a good way). I was on cloud nine. I have not felt like that in a long time.

The restaurant was good (food was very good, service was so so — they kind of forgot about us later on). We were seated at a table where we could hear each other, which was a good choice. We talked and ate and laughed. She excused herself to wash up, so I quickly glanced at my phone to check the time and realised we had been there for almost two hours. I couldn’t believe how time had flown by. She came back and when I let her know what time it was, she smiled at me, got the waitress’ attention and blurted out “check, please!” I just dropped a bunch of cash on the bill and we walked away. The walk was enjoyable once again, not just because of the looks we were getting, but mostly her company is just delightful (I already lost my man card, so I can use that word now). By the way, I am rarely comfortable with physical displays in public, so I had not touched her at all (almost two and half hours), other than just a quick hug when we first met up. This didn’t stop her from extending light touches all night, to remind me she was there. She definitely knows how to make someone feel liked and wanted.

We got back to my place around 9 and it was nice to know we still had about two hours ahead of us. Did I mention she is not a clock watcher? Note: She will make it all about you if that is what you want, but if you let her know her pleasure is just as important, she is not afraid to let you know what she likes and is in the mood for as well; and she happily returns the favour without having to ask. ?After an hour of playing, I asked her if we could extend by an hour, though I was still debating whether to make it an all nighter. She could see I was struggling with that and helped me make the right decision (end the night as planned — no all nighter). She said that as much as she would love to spend the night with me and have me keep doing that thing I was doing, for the rest of the night non-stop (blush), she thought I was the kind of person who would prefer to have a future dinner date with her instead, but left it up to me (she was right). The main reason I wanted to spend the night was to have her fall asleep in my arms (sappy, but it is something I really enjoy). She figured out what I wanted and gave me the best of both worlds. Having done naughty things for two and half hours she grabbed a pillow, put it at the foot of the bed, lay her head on it and asked me to join her. We spent the next 40 minutes cuddling and doing the same things that would have happened had she stayed the night (holding each other, touches progressively less sexual and more intimate, closer feeling and light talking) minus the sleeping. The feeling was exhilarating.

Shower was fun once again (I had completely forgotten about that) and her arse. OMG. Must… get… that… out of my head. Just amazing. Whew.
She got dressed — I had not realised that watching a woman get dressed can be almost as sexy as the opposite. Of course, she makes everything look hot.
I was still shell shocked, standing there like an idiot, wearing only a towel from the shower, when she approached me and kissed me. It was electric. Was it too late to ask her to spend the night? :) We exchanged final words, then she hugged me, smiled, blew me a kiss and I watched her go, beaming and thinking about the incredible six hours I had just spent in the charming company of this lovely woman.

I can only imagine what is next…

Nietzwarte Piet


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